Specifically designed for GRA's to record work and boost productivity.

Room Readiness

Increase the speed of turnover of clean rooms to inventory. Rooms are put back into the system as soon as they are inspected.

Boost Productivity

Visibilty of GRA attentivemess and statistics to their productivity. Inspections to assit that GRAs to perform at a higher efficiency.

Automatic Communication

Easily and immediately report work orders and receive updated information as it happens.

What can PerfectRoom do?

From auto-assigning rooms to breaking-out-the-house quicker, PerfectRoom helps Housekeeping Supervisors plan out the day for GRA's while updating rooms in real-time. Conduct inspections, measure performance, and increase the visibilty of GRA activity all in one place.

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Record work breaks
Stay compliant with wage & hour laws by proving GRAs are receiving rest periods. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Update room status, receive next room and service, and create work requests using the guest room phone.

PMS Connection
Update room condition and receive check-in and check-out information from the property management system.

Auto-Assign Calculations
Assign a majority of tasks with a single click based on pre-set credits, zones, and priorities. 


PerfectRoom App

Available on Android and iOS for housekeeping supervisors and guest room attendants. 

Supervisor View

Supervisors can conduct room inspections, score the performance of GRAs. View all GRA's current assignments and progress in real-time. Rush rooms via desktop or mobile app.

GRA View

View assigned rooms in priority order that update in real time with check-in and check-out info and guest preferences. GRAs have the ability to start a room, mark a room as DND or refused service, or set a timer to return to a room later, which is all visible on the desktop to supervisors in real-time.

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

"...From reception's point of view, we can see the significant positive operational difference and as we are scored within the brand based on the efficiency of arrival; this is a great advantage. This is the perfect tool for us which helps us to achieve our goals; providing the guest with a clean room upon arrival."

"We used to be calling housekeeping constantly. Now, we stopped doing that and save a lot of time. We are confident that the GRAs are putting the rooms back into the inventory as soon as they are ready so we do not need to rush them."