Ensuring Safety

 Medical emergencies, fire, crime, harassment, or assult. Panic Buttons equip staff with help at the press of a button.

Why are Panic Buttons Important?

Making sure workers who typically operate alone or in isolated areas are safe and secure is both essential and challenging. In case of an emergency, equipping staff to summon help at the push of a button is a lifesaving matter.

With Bluetooth technology, the location of the employee's wearable button communicates and can follow the employee if their location changes. The location will also update in the details of the dispatched alert message.

  • In a 2016 housekeeping survey, 53% of participants reported expereiencing at least 1 inccident of sexual harassment by guests. 
  • 51% of these incidents went unreported to supervisors.
  • 95% of those surveyed would feel safer entering guest rooms equipped with a panic button.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons offer the most robust features for panic soltuions. When a user presses the button, an alert message dispatches to all active system users with location information.

Available Versions

Being able to request help at the push of a button gives both the employee and employer peace of mind. Employees are not tracked until the panic button activates. This still gives the employee privacy, but also provides assurance that they are safe in the case of an event.

With proper use of the PerfectRoom app, and proper battery life maintenance, beacons and wearbales offer 24/7 coverage.


Fine Location

Fine location utilizes Bluetooth beacons to grab the nearest beacon as the location. Any change in location will update in the alert message to receive the most accurate information.

The wearable button synchronizes with a logged-in PerfectRoom App; this associates the button with a user.


Course Location

Course location uses transactional data gathered by the property using the PerfectRoom app. It leverages the last reported location of a room attendant, and next expected location based on the activity and usage in the app.